How to make an awesome igloo and snowman

Today we will instruct you how to make a fascinating Winter Wonderland of igloo and snowman.


  1. Ice cubes
  2. Piece of cardboard painted white
  3. Baby carrots (1)
  4. Sultanas (these will end up as both eyes and buttons so choose carefully!)
  5. Beans (2)
  6. Water
  7. Loving care
  8. Balloons (3)


  • Fire
  • Pointy metal thing
  • Freezer (this will be home to winter wonderland)


After being inspired to create a snowman friend, get a piece of cardboard (or whatever) and paint it white. This will be the snow ground.


You will need a particular type of icecube, thankfully the most common type. Long rectangle with tapered sides (do not use love heart shaped ice cubes (they are tacky and will not work for housing))

Lay your ice cubes down on the cardboard flat so that they form a circle, join the tapered ends of the ice cubes together so that they face inwards. Leave a gap of approx one ice cube, which will be the doorway. Once completed the first floor, put the whole thing back into the freezer to firm up.

Above you see step two with my steaks.


Now it gets a bit trickier, you need to lay the next layer of icecubes on top of the first, they will start to taper inwards to form a dome. The natural freezingness of the ice should help them to stick together, but it will help to dip the new ice cubes into water before laying them down.


If it starts to get a bit harder thats because it is. Third layer is tough because everything starts tilting dramatically towards the centre of the dome and gravity can be difficult. Still dip them in water and set them against the previous level – make sure for the ice cubes to overlap as they would bricks. You may need to hold the ice cubes against the structure as you lay them down, for a minute or so, to make sure it will hold. If uncertain, put it back into the freezer a while to make sure it firms up.

As the structure grows the layers are smaller and the ice cubes are more difficult to fit together and there is more space between them. Its possible to smash them with knives to trim them into a more suitable shape but this is up to you. In my case i also had some smaller square ice cubes which were helpful on the higher levels and the ceiling (roof). The roof is a pain in the ass and i don’t think i can quite cover how exactly to do it. Just have a crack at it and hope for the best. You can fill any gaps with smaller crushed bits of ice cubes.


Maybe i should have mentioned earlier but the first 2 or maybe 3 levels (probably just 2) need to have a gap left for the doorway. To make the entry to the igloo we just stack our icecubes joining them with the long side. See above in step four, the first two cubes are layed down on top of eachother in this way. Also make sure to try and get the small end of the icecube as close to the main structure as possible to prevent unsightly gaps. When the door tunnel reaches the top it will be hard to get the cube to join, so make sure to hold it untill it is secure enough, and then get it back into the freezer to solidify.


Finishing the roof. Add crushed bits and pieces to fill the gaps and hope for the best. Next we will talk about how to put together the friendly snowman to accompany his home.


Ok get three balloons. Fill them with 3 different amounts of water. One will form the base of your snowman, the next the guts, the third the head, so fill appropriately. Freeze these in the freezer for a suitable amount of time.


Getting your frozen snowman balls. You will need to remove the balloons from around the frozen ice globes. They will be difficult to stack in snowman form in their current convex state.


Simmer snowman bits on low heat for a couple of seconds. This should cause flattening on each part and make them easy to stack. For the lower two parts, simmer on both sides, for the head only one side. Stack them together and put them back into the freezer.


Ok so the basic structure of your snowman should now be good. If not try harder. The next thing is to put a delightful carrot nose onto your snowman. Hopefully you have a tin of baby carrots – if not, serious full grown carrots are probably much too big. Get a baby carrot and cut it down to size. You will also need something metal and pointy – but not TOO pointy, to melt holes into the snowman friend for purposes of embedding carrots, beans, and sultanas. In my particular situation it suited me to use the spinny thing from an egg beater. You will heat the metal pointy bit and poke it into the frozen snowman to make entry holes. He will cry when you do this particularly in the case of the eyes. Once the holes are there, embed your fruit or vegetable and put it immediately to the freezer to set.


The picture above shows heating up the thing

Cutting the carrot, lol.

After heating, stab him hard in the face; you will need a strong stomach! Then you embed the sultana and give the gift of sight, which will cause him to forgive your heated stabs.


After finalising eyes, arms, nose, buttons – your snowman will be completed. He will say to you ‘I want to be a real boy!’, but you’ll have to let him down easy. Don’t worry a snowman this small only has a short memory span, but a lot of love. Treat him well and keep him in the freezer, remember he is not an outdoors companion like a dog (or tennis partner). Enjoy!


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  1. 1 Burt October 19, 2008 at 9:01 am

    Totally Awesome!

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