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1 Most Incredible Photoshop Charting tutorial, from Aitana!

Aitana shows you how to go from this:


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Clogs to scrapbooking

People have asked exactly what a Glog is? SO HERE is some Context (in the shape of diagram)

Clogs - Glogs - Blogs - Twitter - Child Labour - Scrapbooking

* The bad kind

Spadglog Development Graph

How it’s good that we’ve got this plan, because we don’t want things to not go well.

Aitana the lizard painstakingly plotted the spadglog development graph.

We had trouble starting, but then a lizard helped us out. We would go into more depth about how he or she helped us out, but Aitana is buying us beers to celebrate our first post and his or her induction into the west ipswich rock and roll hall of fame.

Aitana comes to us from Ischia Island, Campania (Italy)